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Bernanke recently stated that although the US job market has improved recently, this may only be a reversal of large-scale layoffs during the economic U.S. Precious Metals and Minerals Fundrecession, and further improvements need to rely on faster economic growth. And it is not yet certain whether the improvement in the job market is sustainable.

In this round of gold boom, there are more and more merchants selling gold bars. In the face of various raw gold bars, Swiss gold bars, and bank gold bars, how should investors choose? We understand that ICBC’s investment gold bars are the cheapest, but considering the combination of repurchase and personalized services, it is still more cost-effective to buy gold bars from member companies of the China Gold Exchange.

The continuous and rapid rise in the price of gold this month has allowed the market to accumulate a large number of profitable offers and increased market risks. In addition, the physical recovery of gold in the market has increased, and the world's largest gold fund (ETF) has also begun to reduce its holdings, indicating that investors are afraid of the price of gold. If the market fluctuates later, the market price may fluctuate widely. Beware of market risks.

Silver: The trend basically follows gold. After last week's continuous sharp drop, the lowest intraday mark is back to the $18/oz integer mark. After continuous decline, it is currently ushering in a technical rebound. In operation, the idea is to follow the trend of gold. First look at the top The effect of rebounding resistance levels is focused on the strength of its rebound and the strength of its stepping back again. Combining the resistance level to be blocked, it can be empty. At the same time, combined with the second stepping strength and not breaking the last week's low line, you can combine the support level to try a long order.

However, compared with the spot price, the performance of gold and silver-related stocks in the A-share market is not satisfactory. The stock prices of Shandong Gold, CICC Gold, Hengbang, and Ronghua Industrial have fallen by an average of 15%-25% compared to February this year. Not waiting. The only silver manufacturer, Yuguang Gold and Lead, did not have the same ups and downs as the silver spot in the first half of the year. Compared with the beginning of February, the stock price fell by only 19%.

This week, Baoqing Yinlou sold more than 4 million yuan of investment gold bars in a few days, almost out of stock. A related person from Jiangsu CICC also said that based on past experience, the more gold prices fall, the better the investment gold barU.S. Precious Metals and Minerals Funds will sell. These days, several CICC specialty stores sell more than 30 kilograms every day, almost every day. Replenishment.

Comparing the two defense ministers, Gates does not fully support the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, and several times said that it depends on the battlefield situation. Moreover, Obama hopes to cut defense spending by 800 billion US dollars within 10 years, but Gates’s plan can only cut 400 billion US dollars.

The price of silver futures for December delivery fell sharply by US$1.623 to close at US$32.731 per ounce, a decrease of 4.7%. The price of platinum futures for January delivery fell 25.6 US dollars an ounce to close at 1582 US dollars, a decrease of 1.6%.

However, gold is different, especially in the context of increasing geopolitical factors and increasing global inflationary pressures. Hickson pointed out that the demand for hedging and asset preservation caused by geopolitical turmoil and inflation concerns will make gold and silver the most popular asset classes this year.